Educator Profile

Katie  Scott Educator: Katie  Scott
Location: Kandanga QLD
Contact No: 07 5485 1891

Katie offers an acreage setting just outside the Kandanga township with an interactive animal program. The children in care enjoy feeding and grooming animals, learning to give and receive love in their life by creatures that aren’t their family. 

Yoga and yoga stories are incorporated into play, along with obstacle courses, mini trampoline and hooping / skipping for fitness. Water play in warmer months and squeezing their own juices are some favourite times, whilst in winter some stories of campfires and making our own damper may suffice. 

Sustainability forms the foundation of our time in care, with awareness of our usage and impact of our planet. Alongside this, we practise reusing, recycling and transforming. Some examples may include craft, feeding our food scraps to the chickens or guinea pigs and growing our own food. 

Some regular activities the children love to participate in are dress ups, building, craft, castles, animal time, story add-ons and imaginative play. Play is the most important factor in a child’s life and this is embraced in care with enthusiasm and a passion for learning opportunities during play. 

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