Euphoria Family Day Care believes that all children should have their physical, emotional and social needs met in a safe, caring, and supportive environment. 


We believe the child is intelligent, strong, beautiful, has ambitious desires and requests. We provide the children with the recognition of their rights and their strengths.


The best interests of the child are the paramount concern of our Scheme. We provide care that protects our children from harm whilst respecting their dignity, individual needs and privacy.


This Scheme philosophy incorporates current understandings of the importance of being, becoming and belonging and the value of play.


We strive to provide positive experiences through quality, emergent planning to all children in our care regardless of background, beliefs or physical and mental abilities, recognising that the Scheme provides opportunities for the development of life skills and developmentally appropriate experiences.


We strive to embed the indigenous values of looking after the land, the people and the animals within our daily practices.

Children will be provided with an environment conducive to sustainable practices which are embedded into their daily routines.


Educators, Coordinators and Staff will strive to provide a strong sense of kinship through valuing and supporting each other as individuals and members of our Scheme, which in turn will be reflected in the positive experiences and nurturing environment in which the children and families engage in.

They will support ongoing critical reflection by building a culture of inquiry guided by social justice principles.


This Philosophy Statement provides the foundation for all activities, policies and procedures of the Scheme.


Wherever there is uncertainty as to the Scheme’s policy or procedure on any issue, the Scheme uses these principles and philosophies to assist in resolving the issue.  The written policies and procedures of the Scheme have been developed and will be monitored and reviewed with these values in mind.


Family and community involvement is vital to our Scheme through

general support and feedback.

Client Testimonial

“My boys (now grade 2/prep) still reminisce about the times they spent with their educator from age 10 months to 4 years. They smile when they recount their experiences, the other children with whom they forged their very first friendships; and their educator as a person in which they can remember fondly in incredible detail. And my youngest now 4, still attending - Her sense of freedom, lightness and ease in her environment is so beautiful to watch. Those occasional moments of guilt for even having to leave her for work, removed in an instant as she radiates so much happiness and excitedly throws her squishy little arms around my neck ready to share stories all about her day. I believe that it comes down to the beautiful nurturing environment that has struck all 3 of my children to their core from such an early age; instilling strong positive values, a sense of absolute belonging and acceptance, trust and happy times. I cannot put into words how the Euphoria educators have been such a blessing when taking those first trepidatious steps back into the work force.” J.B – Pomona


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