Euphoria Family Day Care believes that all children should have their physical, emotional and social needs met in a safe, caring and supportive environment.


The best interests of the child are the paramount concern of Euphoria. We provide care that protects our children from harm whilst respecting their dignity, individual needs and privacy.


Euphoria's philosophy incorporates current understandings of the importance of being, becoming and belonging and the value of play.


We strive to provide positive experiences through quality, emergent programming to all children in our care regardless of background, beliefs or physical & mental abilities, recognising that Euphoria provides opportunities for the development of life skills and developmentally appropriate experiences.


Educators, Co-ordinators and Staff will strive to provide a strong sense of kinship through valuing and supporting each other as individuals and members of Euphoria, which in turn will be reflected in the positive experiences and nurturing environment which the children and families engage in.


This Philosophy Statement provides the foundation for all activities, policies and procedures of Euphoria.


Wherever there is uncertainty as to Euphoria’s policy or procedure on any issue, Euphoria uses these principles and philosophies to assist in resolving the issue.  The written policies and procedures of Euphoria have been developed and will be monitored and reviewed with these values in mind.


Family and community involvement is vital to Euphoria through general support and feedback.

Client Testimonial

"I find Euphoria Family Day Care very friendly, nothing's too hard for them to sort out."

from Gemma McKenzie, Family Day Care Educator


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